TGO Season 1

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Episode 1, “The Big Green, Deep and Mean”
Episode 2, “Quest for Tobin’s Trophy Pike”
Episode 3, “The Bountiful Whitefish of Green Bay”
Episode 4, “Pop-Up Pike, Walleye and Catfish”
Episode 5, “Dakota Slough Perch”
Episode 6, “Jigging for Winter Walleye”
Episode 7, “Ice Fishing China”
Episode 8, “Seeking First Ice Slabs”
Episode 9, “Pelagic Magic”
Episode 10, “Tip-Up Pike: Winter’s Fury”
Episode 11, “Icin’ Stocked Trout, Part I"
Episode 12, “Icin’ Stocked Trout, Part II”
Episode 13, "Bountiful Panfish"
Episode 14, "Ice Rescue/Safety"
Episode 15, "Liftin' Barbels"
Episode 16, "Lake Trout Fever, Part 1"
Episode 17, "Lake Trout Fever, Part 2"
Episode 18, "First Ice Bluegill Bash"
Episode 19, "Winnebago White Out"
Episode 20, "Wind Power on Ice"
Episode 21, "Harbor Lights"
Episode 22, "Dakota Country Pike"
Episode 23, "Gitchee Gumee Bliss"
Episode 24, "Veteran Ice Anglers"
Episode 25, "Bassin', Winter Style"
Episode 26, "Classic Late Ice Panfish Action"
Episode 27, "Breakin' the Chains Vermont"
Episode 28, "Coulee Country Commemoration Iowa"
Episode 29, "Ice Mountain Lakers"
Episode 30, "Ice Mountain Challenge"
Episode 31, "Ice Cold Kokes"
Episode 32, "Diggin' Ice Riggin'"
Episode 33, "Green Mountain Magic"
Episode 34, "Take Me to the River"
Episode 35, "Electronics Evolution, Part 1"
Episode 36, "Electronics Evolution, Part 2"
Episode 37, South Dakota Vortex: Grin and 'Bear" It"
Episode 38, "People Livin' in Competition"
Episode 39, "Fan of Steel"

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