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TGO fans, get excited, of all the fabulous adventures we’ve shared here on TGO, this may arguably be among the greatest of them all!

This week on TGO, Tom Gruenwald Outdoors, please join me and my good friend Mike Howe as we ascend high into a remote region of the majestic Rocky Mountains surrounding gorgeous Kalispell, Montana in search of cutthroat trout–but, get this now–traveling to some otherwise nearly winter inaccessible, iced over cirque lakes thanks two adventuresome helicopter pilots willing to help fly us out on this incredible journey!

Our mission? To explore strange new waters, seek out exciting remote cutthroat trout fisheries, to boldly go where few ice anglers have gone before! And it’s mission critical, because we need to find lakes not only offering accessible, safe ice, but search out and locate cooperative fish so we can return with our lucky Kalispell high country ice fishing contest winners the following day to share a magnificent, once in a lifetime, high country ice fishing adventure.

So don’t miss out! If you think this sounds cool, come along with us on an incredible, rarely experienced, exploratory mission by watching the next two episodes of TGO and joining us on an amazing ice fishing adventure of majestic proportions!! Be sure to stay tuned to our website and social media, too, as we’ll be sharing some amazing photos from this trip over the next week or so, right here, on
TGO, Tom Gruenwald Outdoors, where it’s ALL ICE FISHING, ALL THE TIME!!!

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Tom Gruenwald

Tom Gruenwald

Tom Gruenwald is truly passionate about the outdoors and is recognized as one of the world’s foremost authorities on the sport of ice fishing. Throughout the years, his expertise has been sought for in-depth ice fishing presentations, seminars and advanced contributions to various outdoor periodicals throughout the world. He’s appeared as a guest on numerous radio and TV shows, authored four ice fishing books and now hosts his own TV show, “Tom Gruenwald Outdoors,”. TGO is the first program of its kind dedicated solely to ice fishing.