When the cameras first flashed on and began recording our start-up pilot episode, I could never have imagined time would move by so quickly.
Over the past four seasons, we’ve shared the ice with some great people, made some life-long friends, learned new techniques and gleaned some great tips while fishing throughout the far reaches of the ice fishing world in pursuit of some common, uniquely exceptional, and even rarely seen species.
Such adventures began right away in season one with visits to a number of great destinations–including Saskatchewan’s Tobin Lake on a mission to catch trophy pike, and a really exotic stint spent filming far, far from home in northern China, just south of the Mongolian border!


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Here I am, fishing Gong fish in China–no, that’s not bait in the white bowl to my right, that’s actually the catch!

No, we didn’t catch any gilled dragons in China as TGO videographer Sean Casper had dreamed, but it was a fascinating journey into a strangely unique ice fishing realm, and like any other once in a lifetime experience, was one that has certainly influenced, even shaped my ice fishing philosophy–in some ways perhaps, revolutionized it, as season two found me successfully fishing carp here in America using some of the very techniques we learned from our new friends in China.S (8)
As if such trips hadn’t provided enough adventure, for season two we climbed aboard a specialized, fully equipped rescue boat with a dive-rescue team on Wisconsin’s Lake Winnebago, joining trained experts on a mock ice rescue. We ice fished for trout and salmon on the deepest of our Great Lakes, Lake Superior, and spent some time on the ice of South Dakota’s massive Lake Oahe, fishing not only walleye, but pike and of all things, catfish!
Thanks to a severe cold snap that hadn’t been experienced in years, season three provided some unique opportunities, too. Some of those highlights certainly included fishing on the frozen Mississippi River channel for perch, walleyes and sauger, an outing hooking steelhead on a Lake Michigan tributary, and fishing kokanee salmon in the mountains of Montana.


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Tom Gruenwald

Tom Gruenwald

Tom Gruenwald is truly passionate about the outdoors and is recognized as one of the world’s foremost authorities on the sport of ice fishing. Throughout the years, his expertise has been sought for in-depth ice fishing presentations, seminars and advanced contributions to various outdoor periodicals throughout the world. He’s appeared as a guest on numerous radio and TV shows, authored four ice fishing books and now hosts his own TV show, “Tom Gruenwald Outdoors,”. TGO is the first program of its kind dedicated solely to ice fishing. 

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