Blast from the Past

Ice Fishing Canada: Saltwater

halibut (left) and cod (right)

Quebec’s Saguenay River is the only location Tom is aware of where it’s possible to ice fish for saltwater species.  Due to temperature and salinity gradients, an outflow of freshwater sits atop a saltwater tidal flow.  The freshwater on top freezes, providing access to saltwater species below, including halibut (left) and cod (right) Tom displays…


Tom had already begun incorporating high powered Vexilar electronics and fast-cutting European hand augers into his strategies by the early 1990’s. Please like & share:

2013: The Year in Review

  2013 has been a whirlwind for Tom Gruenwald Outdoors.  TGO Season 2 began airing, and remains airing, on Sportsman Channel, Midco Sports, and Wild TV. launched in October, providing a new source of knowledge and entertainment for fishing fanatics.  If that wasn’t enough, the complete first season of TGO can now be ordered…