Mike Howe and Tom at Rogers Lake. I possess an inherent love for mountains. I’m not exactly sure where this infatuation began, but to the best of my recollection it…

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The day dawns gray and cold, but my mood can’t be dampened by the conditions. After all, I’m standing at an access point on Saskatchewan’s Tobin Lake, accompanied by several…

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The Alaskan landscape is immense and majestically surreal. The trip begins a bit rough: Our film crew has been bumped from a flight to Denver, where we already had a…

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The drive to Devils Lake, North Dakota is fairly long, but the roads aren’t bad for January, so we make good time and arrive at Ackerman Acres, a resort on…

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HT’s New Accu-Cast Wide Arbor Spinning Reels

HT ENTERPRISES, INC., revolutionized progressive spinning reel design for ice fishing applications with the introduction of their original ACCU-CAST SPINNING REELS. Featuring a revolutionary angled rotor to enhance line-to-guide performance when matched on shorter ice rods, all while minimizing line twist—plus incorporating an extra long neck to allow the handle to be turned and line to be retrieved even while using gloves—the designers of the original ACCU-CAST SPINNING REEL changed the way ice anglers fish.

Polar Mag HD

As a guide here in Vermont, I need a tip up that not only functions well and is durable but that can perform in the nastiest of elements. That’s why I use HT’s Polar Mag HD.

HT Founder, Paul Grahl

HT founder Paul F. Grahl (left) meets with In-Fisherman magazine’s Editor-In-Chief, Doug Stange, to share some new ice tackle innovations and discuss the future of ice fishing, back in the mid ’80s.

First Ice Bluegills

I fish on Lake Superior most of the year and the fish I chase are typically a lot larger than panfish. Even though catching big Lake Superior trout or whitefish is a blast… It is hard to beat a good day of bluegill fishing on a small inland lake.